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Making the Vaccine Decision

The number of recommended vaccinations has nearly quadrupled in the past 3 decades. Experts help you make an informed decision when it comes to your child's health. Read more »

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Saving Umbilical Cord Blood

There are dozens of private cord blood banking companies who make claims of 'biological insurance' saying that saving your child's blood could be a lifesaver one day. With a price tag of thousands of dollars, is cord blood banking really necessary? Read More »

Rescuing Pets from Hot Cars

An Athens man was arrested for rescuing a dog from a hot car causing many people to question the law in Georgia. Read More »

Window Coverings Safety Tips

Whether you have children at home, on the way, or you care for children at your home, you need to be aware of how window coverings and blind cords threaten a child's safety. Read More »

City Chickens

City chickens can be seen in backyards around Macon, and supporters say there are more positives than negatives to private coops. Read More »

Weather Causing Sickness

When our weather goes from sunny and warm one day to freezing temperatures the next, can this really cause you to get sick? Read More »

Leapfrog Group Ranks Hospitals In Safety Report

The Fall 2014 Hospital Safety Score report shows many hospitals in Georgia are not up to par. Read More »

The Path to Fitness: High Intensity Workouts

At the beginning of every year, lots of folks across middle Georgia promise themselves and their families that they will lose weight, get in shape, get healthier. Then they’re faced with... Read More »

The Path to Fitness: Low Intensity Workouts

After two high-intensity workouts, it was time to take it down a notch, realizing that many people want exercise without too much strain or impact. In the second part of her series to find out... Read More »

The Path to Fitness: Workouts You Can Do at Home

After some high-impact and then some low-impact workouts that involved clubs or memberships or classes, Lenneia Batiste looked for workouts that could be done at home. You don’t have to... Read More »

Living to 100: Part 3

"I feel good. I dont wake up in the morning hurting or aching and that is important." 70 year old BJ Dumas is a living testament that working out in your golden years really does give your health... Read More »

Living to 100: Part 1

Thousands of americans reach the 100 mark, despite the long odds against them. "Odds are so small anyway of reaching 100, that anything you do is just increasing a very small chance of reaching... Read More »

Living to 100: Part 2

The sound of wedding bells and marrying our soul mate is something many dream of, but according to, research says marriage could add some extra years to lifespans. "People who... Read More »

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