2 dozen protest federal shutdown Outside CDC

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Updated: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 04:17:15 EST

ATLANTA (AP) — About two dozen people protested outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trying to cast a harsh spotlight on the temporary federal shutdown. The half-hour protest Tuesday afternoon was led by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, a Chicago-based civil rights advocacy organization founded by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson was not present. The protesters called on Congress to vote on a measure that would restart federal funding. They said the shutdown hurts CDC employees and deprives millions of Americans needed government services, especially the elderly, the poor and children. Protest organizers say they chose the CDC because of its reputation as a widely-valued scientific agency that investigates disease outbreaks and prevents illness. About 9,000 of the CDC's 13,000 employees have been placed on furlough during the shutdown.

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