A Macon Senior's Needed Roof Repair

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Updated: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 09:17:12 EST

One of the Middle Georgia non-profit groups that participated in the statewide online fundraiser, "Georgia Gives Day" on Wednesday is trying to help a Macon senior citizen in dire need of a new roof.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Macon renovates homes for the poverty stricken, raising funds to fix homes.  Recipients then return the good will by paying back the repair as they're able. One client is Leila Wiley. The 78-year-old lives in Napier Heights and her roof is in dire need of repair.

"Water has damaged the roof and also the ceiling in several rooms in the house. So our goal is to raise enough funds so that we can get her entire roof replaced," Fuller Center for Housing of Macon director, Dianne Fuller said.

The organization fell short of its $6,000 goal, money needed to purchase materials to repair not only Wiley’s home but another client.

"We're not about just doing cosmetic works but we're about anything that's dangerous or unsafe," Fuller said.

Wiley who suffered a stroke takes care of her two great grandchildren and lives on a limited income and food stamps, leaving her little to pay for repairs.

Until the funds are raised, Wiley will continue to use buckets inside the house whenever it rains.

"It is really bad," Wiley said.

To make a donation to the Fuller Center, go to their website fullercenter.org

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