Air Force Mother Surprises Daughter

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Updated: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 10:31:44 EST

Vineville Academy's second grade class sat in the school's media center for story time. The classes story time was all part of a big surprise for Kambria Foster.

"It's gonna be something she'll never forget," said her mother, Tech Sergeant Jocelyn Foster.

Foster has been stationed in southeast Asia for several months but Tuesday was just minutes away from reuniting with her daughter.

"Overwhelmed," said Foster. "I'm about to cry myself."

Vineville's assistant principal, Kristy Graham told the class they were expecting a special guest to come and read to them. Foster's commander and troop played along as the special guest.

"Do you know anybody that's in the military?" Graham asked Kambria.

"My mom!" she responded with a huge smile on her face.

Kambria just talked with her mom on the phone Tuesday morning before she came to school.

"She's in the U.S. Air Force but she's in Afghanistan now and just became a Tech Sergeant," said Kambria.

While Kambria's mom made her way to the school's media center, assistant principal Graham had one final question for her.

"How long has it been since you've seen mommy?" she asked.

"She put this thing one her computer where I can Skype her," replied Kambria as her mom looked on as she finished answering.

Noticing her mom was in the room, a stunned Kambria stared at her mom as if she was determining whether this was really happening.

Eventually running and jumping into her mom's arm, tears fell from both mom and daughter. 

"I'm so happy to see you bay!" said Jocelyn as she held Kambria in her arms.

"You said the 17th," replied Kambria, the date she was expecting her mother to return.

Jocelyn said Kambria told her she would never surprise her like that.

Jocelyn asked Kambria "Who you're feeling?

Kambria answered, "Happy and kind of surprise and mad!"

When her mom asked why she replied "because you tricked me!"

Kambria's mom took her home from school early, Kambria says she's not letting her mom go to sleep today.

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