Alleged Attempted Springdale Student Snatcher Arrested and Charged

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Updated: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 09:56:15 EST

The man who allegedly tried kidnapping a student from a Bibb County school Wednesday is arrested and makes his first appearance in court on the charges.

The Bibb County Board of Education police identified the man as Christian Ogol. The 68-year-old Nigerian is charged with two counts of false imprisonment, simple battery and attempted kidnapping. Before his appearance for Judge Barbara Harris, Ogol appeared unaware of his surroundings while sitting on the bench. The senior citizen at times exhibited child-like behaviors. He stood up multiple times, touched the back of another inmate's head, fidgeted often and at times removed his shoes. All while a deputy tried to keep order. It's unknown if Ogol has a medical condition.

According to David Gowan, Director of Safety and Risk Management for the Bibb County schools, Ogol was arrested after acting suspiciously around Springdale Elementary students during dismissal around 3:30 pm. Gowan says Ogol walked onto school property and “an incident” happened near the front of the school. Gowan won’t say what Ogol allegedly did. However, several parents reportedly chased Ogol to the sidewalk, tackled him and held him until officers arrived.

"This is an open campus so during dismissal when you have a lot of adults on campus anybody can walk up on campus,” Gowan said. “We just make sure all the children are accounted for and in an area where they're watched."

While there isn't a fence to keep people from walking onto campus, Gowan says there are teacher and parent monitors in the front of the school for dismissal time and parental pick-up.  

"Make sure we have those supervision procedures in place and that number system so we do actually hand a child to someone that has the appropriate number and is identified as someone who is allowed to pick up that child," he said.

Gowan calls this "an isolated incident” and adds the BOE will re-evaluate Springdale's security protocols and make adjustments if needed. A full report by the Bibb BOE Police is expected by Monday.

In court,  bond was denied for Ogol who reportedly speaks Swahili, meaning a court interpreter is needed. Ogol is expected back in court on November 7 to be read his charges.

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