Angry Neighbors Turn Out to Oppose Rezoning of Residential Neighborhood

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Updated: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 09:13:07 EST

People in a north Bibb County neighborhood say they plan to keep fighting a proposed shopping center after a planning and zoning committee vote today.

With a 3 to 1 vote Monday, Bibb County Planning and Zoning Committee members deferred an application to rezone a residential area.

Developers are proposing a large retail area on Zebulon Road near Walmart and the Stone Edge subdivision, which has many neighbors worried about increased traffic and decreased property values. 

"I lived in Atlanta and I saw a lot of changes up there, I don't know if the same effect will occur down here, but I am concerned about it," said John Laughter, who says he has lived in the Stone Edge subdivision for the last 30 years.

Despite the mass opposition that attended the planning and zoning meeting, P & Z members want to give the Alabama based developer more time to work with neighbors.

But Laughter says traffic is already bad, and more development will only make it worse.

"People running through the stoplights, running through the intersection, this occurs you know it's human  nature," Laughter said.

Representatives for the developer say the proposal would create 350 to 500 jobs for the community as well as increase property tax revenue. A concrete plan for the proposal wasn't available, but developers say they want to go through the re-zoning process first then work with neighbors to find solutions to their concerns.

The Planning and Zoning Committee will re-visit the rezoning application on November 12th.

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