Are E-Cigarettes a Healthier Alternative

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Updated: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 08:25:39 EST

E- Cigarettes have captured the attention of many smokers around the world.

But are they a healthier alternative?

Dr. Mark Hendricks says, "It’s possibly safer than regular cigarettes."

 Whether they are safer is still up for debate. But one benefit most doctors do agree on is the absence of harmful chemicals. 

"The benefits are to get away from tobacco smoke. We certainly know that the smoke and the tar and the toxins, those are the properties that are the big problem in the world today leading to cancer," said Dr. Hendricks.

E-cigarettes don't produce smoke, only vapor. According to ADP Health insights e-cigarettes prevent second hand smoke and can help smokers quit.

Dr. Hendricks says, "If people choose to use electronic cigarettes it's a nicotine delivery system so they can get their nicotine fixed with the electronic cigarettes.”

Dr. Hendricks says you will still need something else to help you quit nicotine.

"Motivation they got to be motivated to quit. If they are not motivated to quit, they are probably not going to be successful."

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