Argument for Dismissal Denied in Gordon Mayor Trial

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Updated: Fri, 09 May 2014 11:37:59 EST

Our cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom as Judge Bobby Reeves heard arguments in the Wilkinson County Superior Court on the possible dismissal of a lawsuit against Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple Lou.

In the suit Mayor Lou is accused of violating the open meetings act, the suit calls for her removal from office.

The defense filed two motions to dismiss the suit arguing that the plaintiffs could not sue the mayor in this instance and should have instead filed suit against the city. The defense also claimed there was no proof that the open meetings act had been violated and the case should be thrown out.

After a brief five-minute recess, Judge Reeves declared that the trial will go forward. One of the seven named plaintiffs, Councilman Terry Eady said he was pleased with the decision.

"I think it was pretty much cut and dry and I thought everything was going to be that way before I came into the court and I was well pleased with what happened today," said Eady

Now while her husband and daughters were in attendance at the trial Mayor Whipple Lou herself was noticeably absent. When asked where she was, her lawyer said she had other obligations.

Family members refused to comment but Whipple Lou's attorney Wayne Kendall had this to say, "Well it's always difficult to win a motion to dismiss at this early stage of the litigation. So we're not too disappointed in the fact that we didn't win that motion but we did think the motion was meritorious. It should have been granted. It was not. The judge saw it otherwise so we'll carry on and go forward with the litigation."

Due to concern by the plaintiffs that violations may continue, Judge Reeves shortened the discovery phase of the trial from six months to 60 days ... the trial will resume on July 25th.

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