Avoiding Summer Sport Injuries

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Updated: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 09:56:47 EST

     Summer is a great time to exercise but sometimes when we hit the trails or play our favorite sport we overdo it and get injured. 

Shawn Ploessl has always been physically active, especially during the summer.

Ploessl says, “Since I’ve been employed it's turned into a kind of weekend warrior routine. “

He went all out playing football one weekend.

Ploessl says, “Next thing I knew I was on my knees and I was in pretty extreme pain, unable to put hardly any weight on my foot at all.”

He sprained his ankle when he went at it a little too hard. 

Dr. Mason says, “They go out too fast and they are doing too much too soon. You need to warm up the body a little bit more before you start doing the heavy activity.”

And Dr. Mason says weekend warriors can reduce their risk for injury if they start thinking about summer sports during the winter. 

“Do a little bit of indoor strengthening, do a little bit of indoor running to get the joints and muscles used to some of the strain and activity that you're going to be doing out there,” said Dr. Mason.

Ploessl is getting physical therapy and plans to do things a little differently next time.   

“I’ll probably try to warm up a little bit more and maybe do some light stretching as opposed to going in 100% right off the go,” said Ploessl. 

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