Base Workers Brace For More Furloughs

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Updated: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:51:54 EST

Monday wraps up fiscal year 2013, which if you recall, was supposed to be the last day of furloughs for civilian defense workers due to sequestration. Those furloughs were eventually cut down to six, but now a new round of days off are looming due to political back and forth and a potential government shutdown. 

Shannon Mitchell had a big smile on her face as she unloaded her two-seated strolling from her car, says the looming government shutdown is nothing to laugh about.

Mitchell will be impacted directly. Her husband is a civilian worker at Robins Air Base, and the lone source of income for her family.

If a shutdown takes place 4,000 employees will be sent home on furlough Tuesday morning.

Mitchell is a stay at home mom with two young kids. Like all civilian defense families, Mitchell and her husband are facing the threat of forced time off for the second time in less the 6 months and this time around, there's even more uncertainty.

"I don't have anything else to fall back on, you know," she said. "We don't know if we gone be able to eat, clothe those babies, put diapers on them."

There's reason for her uncertainty. When furloughs took place due to sequestration, workers knew they were facing 21 days, once per week. This time around they don't even know if they will be working.

The 4,000 expected furlough workers will not know of their unwanted vacation until they get to work Tuesday morning. At that time they may learn how many days and for how long, as of know neither is known.

There's a more than 1 in 6 chance her Mitchell's husband will not be furloughed. The base has an estimated 25,000 civilian workers. Those considered "critical" will continue to work but will be paid on an IOU basis. Those workers will eventually get paid, but not until congress passes legislation for back pay.

"There's still gas to go to work, there's still those bills that need to be paid and if your not getting anything at the time, that's going to make it even harder," said Mitchell.

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