Bibb BOE Looks to Improve Dismal Scores

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 11:40:53 EST

Southwest High School played host to the regular meeting of the Bibb County Board of Education. The Instructional Services Committee received an update on a very important topic, ways to improve the high school graduation rate.

"I wish that the graduation rate action steps would be one size fits everyone but it's not. The graduation rate is dependent on each individual student." -Dr. Erin Weaver/Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Dr. Erin Weaver gave the address to the council. Weaver spoke about credit intersession, credit recovery and grade repair. Credit intersession is when a student has failed a course with a 64 to 69 average, that student is allowed to redo assignments and pass with a 70. Credit recovery is if a student has failed with a grade below 64, that student may repeat the course. Grade repair is when a student is failing a course, that student can redo assignments such as tests to bring their average to passing.

Weaver also talked about using student tutorials and other tools to help the students maintain passing grades but stressed the most important tool was a strong teacher/student relationship.

"We want our schools to become families. You've got to know your students to be able to have a vested interest to see if they're going to be successful or not." -Dr. Erin Weaver

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