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Bibb Schools' Outdoor Safety

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Updated: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 11:53:50 EST

Bibb schools have strict measures to keep students safe while inside the school house doors as well as outside.

After the Springdale Elementary incident, where a man allegedly tried to snatch a student during dismissal, Bibb schools safety and risk management director, David Gowan reassures schools have safety protocols outside.

“We do have adult staff members that are outside with the students,” Gowan said. “We also have technology that we've added, we have cameras not only inside the school to monitor the hallways but we have exterior cameras to monitor the grounds of the school also."

Gowan says Bibb Board of Education Police are stationed at the system's middle and high schools but not at their elementary schools. Instead, officers are on call.

To prevent strangers from entering the schools, Gowan says a “buzz system” is being installed. It is on three entrances including the school’s front door. It allows a front office employee to see and communicate with a person at the school’s entrance. If approved, the person is “buzzed” in and must then go to the front office to sign in. The system is expected to be at all elementary schools by years end and at middle and high schools within four years.

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