Brush Fire Threatens Homes in WR

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Updated: Thu, 03 Apr 2014 09:51:35 EST

Firefighters in Warner Robins had their hands full Wednesday evening, protecting houses and trying to contain a brush fire that covered several acres of land.

Aaaron Odea lives in the area where the fire started. "It is basically getting progressively worse," Odea told WGXA.  "It started just behind this house that's just on the other side there and you could see the flames, now it's done progressed down  in the valley where you can't even see the flames anymore. And now it looks like its coming up from even further down. So its wildfire, there's really no other way to say it."

     The blaze began in or near an abandoned barn in the mid 100 block of Carter Circle before the winds helped the fire spread through the nearby brush.

     As the flames slowly approached one house some of the onlookers recognized the danger and sprang into action.

     "We just saw fire coming up in the backyard of a house and it didn't seem like anyone was watching or firefighters weren't around so we alerted the people inside, knocked on the door real loud and they came out." - Casi McDaniels

     The elderly couple inside the home were taking a nap, completely unaware of the fire which was working its way up a tree near their property. After getting the couple out of the house  McDaniels and his friends notified the firefighters who were able to keep the fire away from the home.

     McDaniels says that though he possibly saved the couple and their home, he's not a hero.

     "It feels pretty good but I don't want to pride myself in it. It's just being a good citizen." -Casi McDaniels

     The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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