Building Ramps To Give Back

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Updated: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 10:51:42 EST

Paul Eady is working hard sawing away on his latest project. He and his crew from North Ridge Christian Church build ramps for those in need. Today they're building one for three-year-old Zoey Rashelle.

"The stuff that she's been through and she's only three years old, it's really a blessing for her to be here," said Rashelle's mother Ylonda Bailey. When Ylonda gave birth to Zoey, she was born premature. Zoey was diagnosed with Spinal Bifida at birth, causing her bones to not form properly around her spinal cord.

Zoey's had three surgeries on her feet and her lower body hasn't properly developed, causing her to use a wheel chair. The ramp outside Zoey's trailer will make all the difference.

"They love it. It's such a big help to them, you know because until we do this they usually have to pick em' up and tote them in the house," said Eady.

"I'd have to pick it up, pick her up, haul it outside then bring her outside, sit her in the wheelchair then roll it that way or whichever way I have to go," said Bailey.

Mustard Seed sends out three separate crews to put up 3-4 ramps a month. In more than five counties, ramps are built for those who can't afford them, or those in need. "The best part for us is seeing, just helping others," said Bailey.

Yolonda's deep faith in God says the ramp being built by a religious group makes this blessing all the more special. "I know that it was a blessing from God. "I depend soley on God and I can't depend on nobody else."

Zoey wasn't around when the ramp was finished being built, just her younger brother Gabriel. Yolanda knows Zoey will be looking forward to her surprise when she gets home. "She's excited about the ramp because she knows how much trouble it is to get her in and out the house. She wants to be able to do it on her own."

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