Camp In The Country, Giving Back To Those In The Inner City

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Updated: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:14:13 EST

Down a dirt road in Roberta Georgia, you'll find Camp Grace. 300 acres of camp ground for kids.

"I loved everything, I loved the people, I loved the food, the activities," says Andrea Pomzela. Pomalaza is 16. She started going to the Christian camp when she was seven.

"I actually became a Christian," she says. Her faith, has given her peace.

"I have an autistic sister. I met God, I always prayed that she would get better at least each day. She's got better than she was before and I just love this camp so much," Pomalaza says.

The camp only accepts children from the inner city. Pastor Dave Pridemore started the camp in 2004.

"Kids in the urban area, they just need different experiences. They need to get out of the cities and they need to get out into gods beautiful creation," Pridemore says.

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