Central Georgia Schools Provide Healthy Lunches

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Updated: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 09:56:20 EST

Middle Georgia schools are back in session. And that means what your child is eating at school is on your mind.  But parents don't worry.

If you're packing your child's lunch, Lauren Koff, Dietitian with Houston County Schools says choosing healthier options is easy.

Koff says, "A healthy lunch is going to be a well-balanced lunch protein, whole grains, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables."

According to Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, one example of a healthy lunch includes whole wheat spaghetti, a vegetable such as broccoli, a piece of fruit and low fat or skim milk.

Koff says school cafeterias are doing their part to make sure your child eats a healthy meal.

"We offer three hot vegetables, plus a salad bar a side salad, as well as fresh fruit low fat milk water is always available. There's a whole bunch of things to choose from so that they can help make their healthy decisions, “said Koff.

Koff says most schools post their menus online.

So, if you're concerned your child isn't choosing the healthiest options at school, select food items the day before.

Koff says, "Thinking through the types of foods that your child likes, looking at our menus and choosing items with them. They have four entrees to choose from every day from us so you can start at the menus which we post on the internet.”

Lauren says a well-balanced meal is important but parents have to be involved to ensure their child is eating the right foods.  

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