College Hill Corridor Asks What Improvements You Want to See

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Thu, 09 Jan 2014 10:44:58 EST

Five years ago the College Hill Corridor got its beginning at a meeting much like this one and today it's a reality and history is repeating.

Now the College Hill Alliance is reaching out to the publice to see what kind of improvements they'd like to see in the corridor.

"So we're looking at what we've accomplished, what there's left to do, and what we're still dreaming about here in the College Hill Corridor." -Jessica Walden

Special boards were put up for people to write down their ideas for the future.

"It could be everything from what kind of businesses do you want to see in the corridor, what do you still want to do in the corridor, certain spaces along the area what do you still envision there, what's missing." Jessica Walden

Interface Studio, the urban planning firm working with the College Hill effort since the original planning process, has returned to Macon to update the Master Plan, they will present the ideas collected at this meeting February 5th at the Mercer University Field House and there will be a third meeting .March 31st at the Cox Capitol Theatre where the group hopes to present the new and improved master plan.

Chace Ambrose WGXA

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