Divisive Flyer Hits East Macon

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 10:56:35 EST

"I showed it to my husband and I said, Look at this trash, look at this, and we threw it away." Adah Roberts/Bibb Commission Candidate

Bibb County Commission Candidate Adah Roberts is referring to this flyer which was left on cars parked in several East Macon churches Sunday.

The flyer calls Mayoral Candidate Rober Reichert and Commission Candidate Larry Schlesinger "Republican Obama Haters" and refers to their African American supporters in denigrating terms.

The flyer goes on to urge voters to "get even for Junebug's and Trayvon's death" by voting against Reichert and Schlesinger....and encourages voters to support Jack Ellis, Henry Ficklin, and Adah Roberts, all three of whom say they had nothing to do with the flyer.

"I'm sorry to say that this has happened. Hopefully this will put a stop to it at least with my name being on it...I understand Mr. Ellis didn't like his name being on it either, that's what he told me." -Adah Roberts/Bibb Commission Candidate

I spoke with the Ellis campaign tonight who reiterated that they have nothing to do with the flyer in question.

I caught up with Henry Ficklin outside Macon City Hall and while Ficklin didn't have time for an on camera interview, he told me he was completely unaware of the flyer and had not seen it.

I also spoke with Larry Schlesinger who also reserved comment on the flyer....but one person who would talk about it was bibb county commissioner elect Al Tillman who the flyer lists as "a republican supporting Reichert and Schlesinger"

"I think it hurts our community. And I just encourage people to try to look past it. We've got family and friends out there, we've got children that read and see this stuff and we just don't need it in our community."-Al Tillman

As of airtime, no one has admitted responsibility for creating or distributing the divisive flyer.

Chace Ambrose, WGXA

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