Dog and Goat Invade ACE Hardware

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Updated: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 11:39:16 EST

Meet Chester the Goat, and Rebel the Dog, two lifelong friends who today decided to leave home and have an adventure at their local ACE Hardware.

"From what I understand the goat walked by the electric eye and the goat and the dog walked into the store like they owned it and we had to herd them up and put them in the garden center."  -Bill Gaeta/Assistant Manager

And that's where the two spent most of their day. The Ace employees set food and water out for the pair but Chester seemed more interested in sampling the items the garden center had to offer while Rebel explored.

Meanwhile ACE sent the word out via their sign and social networking and before long the pair's owner was there to get his two boys.

"They trek around and if one gets out the other one follows him all over the place. Their like best buds. They just walk around..I never knew they got this far, that's kinda scary to me."   Brandon Livingston/Dog and Goat Owner

ACE Hardware gave Mr. Livingston the bags of dog and goat food they had opened for the pair, Livingston says he plans to get tags and collars for both animal and a more secure fence.

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