Dublin Rallies for Prayer at Dublin Mall

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Updated: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 11:38:23 EST

     "If you believe in something, if you believe in something with your heart Jesus is telling you to get out there and do something about it...get up out of your pew and do something about it." -Brandon Berry/Organizer

     Over a hundred church goers were off their pews and on the grounds of the Dublin Mall to unite in prayer. The peaceful demonstration was the result of  the running group, "Dublin Girls Run" being told by a security guard they couldn't pray inside the mall...Mall owners' responded to their complaints saying people are allowed to pray privately and quietly in the Mall but congregating, soliciting, or disturbances would not be allowed.

     The issue prompted the creation of a facebook page called "Power Display of Prayer" which set up the rally.

     "When God touches your heart and stands behind you and stands with you and you get this much support there's nothing like it." -Brandon Berry/Organizer

     The event was especially overwhelming for Tammy Brantley, the Dublin Girls Runleader.

     "I think it was all worth it. Every moment of persecution that we might have felt. Any hurt, any anger, it was all worth it just for this day." -Tammy Brantley/Dublin Girls Run

     Organizers say this will likely not be the last Dublin rally.

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