Error Causes Long Wait at Polls

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 10:05:41 EST

The lines for the last day of early voting were long at the Board of Elections and due to a bad internet connection, some voters had to wait as long as two hours before their votes could be cast.

"Well its uncomfortable. Its uncomfortable for anyone. Not everyone can stand out here and stand and you don't assume that when you come to vote you're going to have to wait that long so you just have to deal with it and get to know the people standing around you and understand why you're here and how important it is." -Teresa Gainey

"Absolutely its an important runoff here and we ant to make sure everybody casts the right vote." -Howard Gainey

The Board of Elections brought their Information Technology people in as soon as the networking problems began and the issues were eventually resolved.

"So it just made the line move a little slower when we don't have all the computers processing at the same time. But the problem is being resolved we apologize to the community for the wait, and we're just working to make sure that everybody that comes out to vote today gets a chance to vote."-Jeanetta Watson/Elections Supervisor

Watson did however say that the polls would still close at 5:30 as the law only requires the polls to stay open later due to delays in state and federal elections, not local elections.

Chace Ambrose WGXA 

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