Ex-Gordon Mayor, Mary Ann Whipple-Lue, Reinstated

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Updated: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 11:37:29 EST

Mary-Ann Whipple-Lue was removed from her position as mayor after Judge Robert Reeves filed a temporary restraining order on June 2, but now she is likely to be reinstated next month.

Whipple-Lue's lawyer, Wayne Kendall, filed an emergency motion last week to remove Reeves from the case.

Kendall claims Reeves was biased and didn't have the authority to issue the restraining order, a decision that has the community split.

Two city council members along with residents filed a lawsuit to remove Whipple-Lue from office. The group claims the mayor knowingly and on multiple occasions violated the Open Meetings Act.

Delvin Cooper, the group's lawyer was unavailable for comment, but he plans to file a motion of reconsideration Monday.

The temporary restraining order is set to expire on July 2. Reportedly, a hearing was scheduled for that day which could have continued the suspension.

With the court's decision to remove Reeves, Whipple-Lue's suspension will end that week.

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