Pipe Bomb Found, Detonated in Jones County

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Updated: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 10:07:47 EST

Highway 49 in Jones County was shut down for several hours Tuesday afternoon as authorities investigated what was reported to them as a suspicious device.

The device was spotted by a man walking down Highway 49 picking up cans. When he saw the strange device he immediately called the Sheriff's office.

"It looks to be some kind of pipe bomb maybe. Some type of homemade device. We're not real sure." -Sgt. Travis Douglas

The Jones County Sheriff's Office called out Macon's Bomb Squad to assist in the investigation. After about 30 minutes, the squad detonated the device.

Moments later, the Bomb Squad performed a second detonation on the same device.

"The first one was to open the device and the second time was to render it safe. The device is safe now, there is absolutely no harm or danger to the public." -Sgt. Travis Douglas

Sgt. Douglas did confirm that the device was a metal pipe bomb but was unsure if it contained nails or any other type of projectile shrapnel.

Highway 49 was later reopened as deputies concluded their on scene investigation.

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