Falcons Wide Receiver Loses Bet And Pays Up

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Updated: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 09:56:55 EST

Dillon Hoyt is all smiles as he walks into the Atlanta Falcons training camp. For the die hard fan, its his first time going.

"Since day one, I've had at least a falcons poster on my wall," Hoyt says.

Watching his team practice in the dog days of summer is a dream come true for the Macon native. Rather than buying tickets like most fans, Dylon won them in a bet against one of his favorite players, pro bowl wide receiver, Roddy White.

It happened in March when Dylan tweeted Roddy that Mercer would beat duke in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Roddy replied he'd give Dylon season tickets on the 50-yard line. Then, March Madness happened and Mercer won. Roddy stuck true to his word. Dylon gained hundreds of Twitter followers after Mercer won.

White says he never thought it would blow up on social media the way it did.

"Twitter does that to you. Social media is like, so big now days its like whatever you say, you gota watch what you say. If you don't it will come back to just bite you in the tail," White says. White now knows its time to pay up.

"We gona' take care of my guy Dillon right here," White says. Whites fellow wide receivers got word of the bet. Harry Douglas gave a few compliments

"Congratulations man ! Congratulations !" the wide receiver said as he came off the practice field.

While Pro Bowl Wide Out Julio Jones was ready to make a bet of his own.

"Lets make a bet right now, Wassup ?" Jones said. "About what ?" Hoyt responded." 

"Whatever you want," Jones bragged. 

"Hey man, I know I aint faster than you," Hoyt admitted. The two shared a laugh.

As for White, he still owes Hoyt some season tickets on the 50 yard line.

"We'll be doing it again next year man. Me and Dillon, alright, same bet !" says White.

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