Feds Accuse 4 Bibb County Deputies of Corruption

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Updated: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 09:16:21 EST

Four Bibb County Sheriff's Deputies crossed the line to lives of crime, Federal Aauthorities say.

United States Attorney Michael Moore announced the indictments of Jermaine Donnell Hill, Jimmy Lee Denson, Decarlo Latimore, and Arthur Howard.

All four deputies were indicted as part of an undercover sting operation conducted in cooperation with the FBI.

Jermaine Hill was allegedly caught stealing 1,000 from an undercover car.

 "When confronted then later, he admitted he had stolen the money. Later on February 28th of this year Deputy Hill agreed to participate in an undercover operation against a second defendant, Deputy Decarlo Latimore." -Michael Moore

 Moore says the Deputies stopped an undercover vehicle and took $2,000 in cash and some powder cocaine from the vehicle.

"After the planned ripoff of the undercover agent, Deputy Latimore and Jermaine Hill agreed that the cocaine would be given by them to a local drug dealer who would then sell the cocaine and provide them with a portion of the proceeds." -Michael Moore

Deputy Hill assisted in a second undercover sting against Deputy Jimmy Lee Denson, Moore says they again pulled over the undercover vehicle, took money and drugs, then delivered the cocaine to a local dealer for sale.

Moore said Deputy Arthur Howard was busted in a sting protecting prostitutes for money.

Deputy Hill has resigned from duty the other three deputies have been terminated today.

"Justice works and that we're going to find the people who are doing wrong and we're gonna bring them out and we're gonna arrest them and we're gonna terminate them if they work in our office." -David Davis

"This operation from the outset was carefully planned and carried out and I want to thank the FBI agents for their efforts I also want to thank Sheriff Davis for his cooperation." -Michael Moore

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