Ficklin Gains 1 vote in Provisional Ballot Count, Recount Scheduled

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Updated: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 09:47:38 EST

The Macon-Bibb Commission District 2 race became even closer Friday after a count of provisional ballots.

Henry Ficklin gained one vote on presumed victor Larry Schlesinger. The vote margin now stands at 26, which is less than 1% of the vote.

Ficklin says he was confident before provisional ballots were counted, that a recount of Tuesday's run-off election would happen.

"One way or the other it was not going to take us out of the one percentage range that we have to be in, in order to ask for a recall and of course we're still in that recall," Ficklin said.

The final certified tally is Schlesinger with 1,711 votes against Ficklin's 1,685.

The recount is expected to take place some time next week. Ficklin says he doesn't know what to expect with the recount, but anything can happen.

"The recount is something that we want to see what it says, and of course with some of the other little snafus that we get, that's why the law insists that there is a recount," Ficklin said.

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