Filming For "Barely Lethal" Underway In Perry

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Updated: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 09:59:28 EST

For two weeks movie crews have been constructing the set for the film "Barely Lethal." Security is tight and people around Perry are ecstatic about the films two stars Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson coming to town.

Shooting of the film is expected to last a week, which is expected to bring an economic boost to the area.  Van Burkhart, program manager for guardians centers says his facility is the perfect place to shoot an action movie, with its own interstate, subway and collapsable buildings.

" All that is not only good for disaster response training but for the filming industry as well," said Burkhart.

While Burkhart is focused on the economic benefits to his facility and the town, many other people are just hoping to get a glimpse of a big time actor.

"I never met a big movie star, so I'll be happy to see one," said Jahnyah Davis.

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