GOP's Gardner reversal reflects Colo. electorate

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Updated: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 03:15:18 EST

DENVER (AP) — Republican Rep. Cory Gardner's reversal on the issue of whether a fertilized egg should have the same legal protections as a person reflects a political assessment of the Colorado electorate.

Female voters have been a significant force in determining the outcome of presidential and Senate races in the state. No Republican has won a top-of-the-ticket election in Colorado since 2004.

Gardner, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, has abandoned his long-held support for measures to give legal protections to fertilized eggs.

Critics said such laws not only would outlaw abortion but ban many types of birth control. Gardner said he now sees that argument.

Democrats have pounced on his reversal. Udall's campaign said Gardner was trying to run from his long record of turning his back on Colorado women.

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