Gordon City Council Unable to do City Business

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Updated: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 09:40:47 EST

"We support the Mayor! We support the Mayor!"

Supporters of Gordon Mayor Mary Ann Whipple Lue chant after Monday's meeting of City Council. Whipple Lue is under a court order restraining her from performing duties as mayor until a hearing called by two councilmen and a concerned citizens group can be held. The purpose of that hearing which alleges Whipple Lue held secret meetings in violation of the open meetings act, is to have Whipple Lue permanently removed from office.

But the work of the city is  at a standstill...this was the third meeting in a row since Whipple Lue was suspended from office to have the same group of council members absent. It takes 4 members of the Gordon City Council to pass or approve any legislation, only three members were in attendance.

"Some of them said that hey were not going to be here. Some of them said that they didn't know so we showed up to have the meeting but as you can see we did not have enough to have the meeting." -Terry Eady/Mayor Pro-Tem

The inactivity of the council and some of its members means the city's bills are beginning to pile up and there has allegedly been a problem in getting signatures for city payroll as well.

State Representative Bubber Epps has attended the past few meetings, he says it is apparent that something needs to be done to fix the situation, but what that something is remains to be seen.

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