Green Smoothies Provide Health Benefits

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Updated: Thu, 08 Aug 2013 09:11:10 EST

Going green is the new fit thing to do.  Green smoothies are a relatively new and popular beverage.

Anna Zurita with Yvonne’s Natural Market says she's been drinking them for past three years.

 Anna says, "First thing you are going to notice is how you feel it’s going to bring up your energy levels  without having to do any of these caffeinated coffee, you can wake up and just feel alive."

 And feeling alive is not the only benefit. Health experts say they are a good source of minerals and vitamins.

 The smoothies are made with raw, leafy green vegetables

 Anna says, "Kale and spinach are the best tasting and also they give you a lot of the nutrients."


A green smoothie has the nutrients that you need. But in order to keep them healthy don’t add too much sugar. Adding fresh fruit and organic juice are the best alternative.

 Anna says, "You can mix it with a little bit of fruit so that it’s all natural sugar, it’s not processed. We don’t add any actual sugar into it. It’s just only what’s in the organic produce."

 She says make sure you put more veggies than fruit so that you don't defeat its purpose.

 Anna says, "If you put two cups of fruit and a little bit of vegetables you are pretty much drinking a fruit smoothie, so you just have to watch that balance."

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