Hancock County to Rebuild Historic Courthouse

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Updated: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 09:01:44 EST

The Hancock County Courthouse was over 200 years old and burned to the ground MONDAY The fire has rekindled a few times since being put out and days later smoke is still visible coming from the remains of the building.

Most of the current records were backed up digitally but other documents dating back to 1795 were lost in the flames.

The Hancock County Fire Department is working with the FBI and department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to find out what started the fire.

But the work of the Commission  must go on and go on it will, at Oconee Fall Line Technical College will rent half of their building to the County for one dollar a year.

The County's insurance will pay to have the building replaced.

And though the Courthouse was a tremendous loss the Hancock County Commission is excited at the opportunity to rebuild.

"It feels pretty good, it feels really good.We really didn't know how we would be able to finance all the things that needed to be done but we were making that attempt this year with the first 150,000 in the budget   Now we have an opportunity to straighten out a lot of things." -Sistie Hudson/Hancock Co. Commission Chairman

The building which was valued at $4.7 million will be rebuilt on the same site using much of the same bricks. Construction is slated to take 2 to 3 years.

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