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Healthy Living: Building a Home Gym for Under $100

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:01:59 EST

If you have been avoiding joining a gym because of high membership costs listen up. In this Healthy Living, I will show you how to create an effective home gym for under a hundred dollars. Health coach Kevin Bailey says it's really not necessary to shell out for an expensive gym membership when you can easily get in shape yourself at home for under $100. All you need are a few basic pieces of equipment from your local sporting goods store. "What you can do is with the bands, doing exercise, shoulder presses, shoulder stretches bicep curls, that would help you build up your upper body. " One of the best ways to improve your strength is a set of fitness bands. They are great for travel so you can carry out your fitness routine anywhere. The resistance bands can be purchased for as low as five dollars at any sports store. "You can also do squats right off your couch as simple as that, really to strengthen those areas, to help you in your everyday life. " You can also get outside, go for walk, jog and run. Invest in a low cost jumprompe to leap your way to fitness. jump roping will provide you with one of the world's simplest and most effective aerobic fat-burning workouts. " Obesity is huge in the United States it is becoming larger and larger. Two thirds of Americans are overweight and the obesity levels are becoming higher and higher. " The key with all this basic equipment is to build muscle and burn fat... and stay in shape by doing a tremendous full-body workout at home. "So we have to continue to move our muslecs and joints. Joints were made to move, muscles were made to contract. So this is very important to keep our obesity rate down and to increase our longetivity." If you have no budget whatsoever, you can get in shape without any equipment - all you need areyour own comfortable walking or running shoes. For more fitness and home gym tips from Health Coach Kevin Bailey, visit

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