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Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:00:44 EST

Dancing has been known to help develop creative expression and relieves stress. In this week’s Healthy Living, I’ll show you how dancing also helps children with their creative thinking skills and tone the body. Television, video games, computers, cell phones are all common teen activities that don't require movement. Hayiya Dance Theatre founder Pilar Wilder says the art of dance changes all that. Pilar Wilder: Very often, children like to express themselves, and children are very very vivid with their imaginative exploits so dance is a way to express themselves and how they feel and what they like to do. Kellita Walton is one of those young dancers who has been studying the art for years and can't get enough. Kellita Walton: I like dancing because I just love dancing; I keep dancing, even when I get home. Ronnie Anderson: Dance is hard but with practice and time and breaking down the steps, you can get it. It's great. Students at Hayiya learn dance, discipline and get a physical workout through West African, ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop dance. They take what they learn and share their talent with the Middle Georgia community. Pilar Wilder: For us it symbolizes all we do. Our dancing symbolizes the joy of life. For us, all of the dances have meanings, whether we create them for ourselves or generated for historical backgrounds. Wilder says the Dance music puts a smile on everybody's face, improves student’s self esteem and creates a full body workout. Ashanti Harris: Even if it is hard for you to dance and stay on beat, it is helpful for you to dance and be yourself around and it will help you become a more confident person. Pilar Wilder: It helps the children stay in shape and to be more conscious about staying in shape and when they learn that habit young, they are more likely to hold on to it when they get older. For more information Hayiya Dance Theatre, call Pilar Wilder at 478.960.4206 or visit their website at

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