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Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:05:42 EST

I previously  shared with you the secrets i learned about my health and ancestry from a genetic testing company. 

In this Healthy Living,  Chief Meteorologist Jeff Cox shares with us the insight he learned about his health as well.  

Jeff Cox is learning that his small saliva sample  could hold the secrets to his past and his future.

Joanna Mountain/23andMe: " The technology has made it possible to give people access to a million points in their genome, and that  was certainly not possible five years ago. We can do that for a couple of hundred dollars."

Senior Director of Research Dr. Joanna Mountain says this genetic feat is through  23andMe,  a gene-testing company backed by Google Inc. 23andMe  used Jeff's  sample  to  identify  and interpret  more than one million genetic markers  to determine his ancestry and estimate his predisposition for more than 200 traits including his odds of developing cancer, having a heart attack or stroke and going blind.

Jeff Cox: I am 100 European. My ancestors were some of the earliest arrivals to Europe. My ancestry is  mostly from notthern Europe, mostly the United Kingdom

Jeff also learned more about his family's ancestry, and heard health information he would not have known about that could help change the way he he takes care of his health.

If I were a smoker, I would be a two pack a day smoker. I am also at increased risk for lung cancer, so the two of them together wouldnot be a good thing.

Joanna Mountain: One thing people get  is stories about themselves, and they learn so much about themselves and they learn things that could be valuable health information.

   Jeff's results also show he is not a carrier for any major disease and is at a decreased risk for Parkinsons and Alzheimer's

     He is at an increased risk for coronary heart disease and will use this information to be more heart healthy.

     23 andMe results are delivered online and you can choose to connect with new relatives or keep them private. For more information, visit

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