Healthy Living: Middle GA PE Teachers Learn New Strategies to Fight Childhood Obesity

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:04:35 EST

Beginning next year, all Georgia public school students will begin a new physical fitness assessment. Georgia's childhood obesity rate has climbed to number two nationwide, and the Bibb County School system hopes to change that through the Georgia Fitness Assessment Pilot. “We do want to do our part, we want to change some things and make parents and others in the community aware of the fact that we have got to encourage our children to be more active because there is a direct correlation between a child's physical activity level and how well they do in school. “ Bibb County middle and high school physical education teachers are getting training they need from Health M Powers to implement a new law which mandates fitness testing in all schools beginning in the 2011 school year. Many of these kids aren't active at all now because they come to us and are not able to do any other physical activity if they are not on a sports team. With the Shape Law, every Georgia student who takes PE will be fitness tested to assess a child's level of fitness. The testing lets students and parents know how the student is doing through standard measures of physical fitness. Parents receive a report card detailing their child’s fitness level. We think we have a powerful opportunity with this and getting this data. Now that these teachers are learning the essentials that will help them implement the new fitness testing requirement. With every sit up, curl up and push up, they hope to prevent obesity. “It is going to be the physical education teacher's responsibility to test students and provide information back to parents and to the state, but it is all of our responsibility to help improve fitness and reduce childhood obesity in the state.”

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