Healthy Living: Prayers for Jaime Kaplan

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By Portia Lake


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:02:35 EST

Tennis Pro Jaime Kaplan is taking a stand against cancer. Jaime Kaplan: "Prayers and more prayers, I am just so blessed. It is very humbling the outpouring. It really is that I get though text messages and caring bridge and Facebook and phone calls. It has just been amazing." Kaplan is a world class tennis player who has selflessly shared her tennis talent and success with generations of Middle Georgians. Jaime Kaplan: "I played Wimbledon five times, then i was 91 in the world in doubles. That wasn't one of the tops in the world, but it was one of my biggest accomplishments for me because I had had so many knee surgeries. I just did as much as I could." In April, she faced her biggest opponent when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Jaime Kaplan: "It has been tough, but it has been so much support, but my mantra has been let go and let God. I read that somewhere and I just picked up on that. I always tell my students you are responsible for the effort not the outcome, SO as long as I give it my 100 percent effort, , then I can say I gave it my all. I cannot control the outcome." Last month Jaime underwent a bone marrow transplant here at Emory University in Atlanta and is trying to beat leukemia, Jaime Kaplan: "Stand up to cancer to me means to face it head on and try to keep this positive in attitude throughout the whole journey."

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