Healthy Living: Qi Gong for A Healthy Life

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By Portia Lake


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 01:52:12 EST

Followers of Qi Gong believe it to be the key to health and healing, stress and pain reduction,
NewsCentral's Portia Lake will show you how Qi Gong can also be essential to achieving inner peace.
In Qi Gong The movements are slow, graceful, and fluid.

I came to find it because I was having trouble with joints, ankles and knees. I found it hard to walk and exercise, so this is very gentle. So almost anyone can do it.

Qi Gong (Chee-Kung) is an ancient Oriental method of exercises that emphasize movement ... proper breathing and concentration. Instructor Selena Gilbert says the class uses breathing techniques to relax.. heal.. store energy and promote health.

Chi Gong is an ancient art. They have found artifacts that proves that folks have been practicing it five to six thousand years ago.

Qi gong, or chi gong, is similar to tai chi. Qi gong movements are graceful and simpler to learn, the breathing controlled and the mind engaged in visualization in order to promote health and circulation of qi throughout the body.

It helps me with all areas of my life. as far as decision making, child rearing, running errands, just the stresses of the day., It helps you cope with things better helps you find inner peace throughout your day. And it has just been wonderful.

Selena says these movements are gentle enough so that all ages, sizes and shapes can enjoy the deep breathing and relaxation benefits.

They say that the relaxation is similar to a spa like experience, that they have a feel good feeling that they take with them, that they are more energetic, throughout the day, and it lasts throughout the day, so they are more productive.

If you are interested in taking classes with Selena, please call (478) 231-9381.

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