Healthy Living: Selecting Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:00:30 EST

Shopping for fruits and veggies can be rewarding and nutritious. By following a few simple steps from Fresh Marget Manager Chris David, you can make shopping a pain free experience. Chris David, Store manager, Fresh market: “We have our peaches in season, and we have our melons, sprite melons, Tuscan melons, we have a lot of fresh produce and varieties to choose from.” Leyla Henao/Fresh Market: “It is a hot time, we have melons, oranges, all kinds of juices, peaches it is good for the summertime. “ Add variety to your meals and snacks by trying new kinds of fruits and vegetables, like this donut peach or this sprite melon, which is a cross between honeydew, cantaloupe and pear. Fresh fruits and vegetables usually cost less and are the best quality when they are in season. Chris David, Store manager, Fresh Market: “During the summer, we have our strawberries in season, fruits like peaches, and nectarines, for summertime, and in winter we have apples in season, that's when we have our honey crisp apples available. Shopping in season means you are getting the best quality fruit at that time of year. “ How you store fruit and vegetables will have a major impact on their taste and texture when you serve them. Chris David, Store manager, Fresh Market: “You want to store it in the refrigerator, but the only thing you don't want to put in the refrigerator are peaches, because they will go bad quickly. And you don't want to refrigerate bananas. “

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