Healthy Living: Staying Active Over 50

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By NewsCentral Staff


Updated: Mon, 06 May 2013 01:57:31 EST

Lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on senior adults' overall health and wellness. In this Healthy Living, I'll show you how staying socially active can help keep you physically and mentally healthy as you age. For Linnie Ross, the variety of her senior citizen center visits keep her mind and body active. Research indicates Linnie has created her own good fortune by staying active. Linnie Ross: “This gives me something to do and get me something to do and get me out of the house. I like going. I feel like if I come down here and mingle with them, I wouldn't have to sit up in the house wall day, every day. “ This popular low impact exercise class is taught by an active senior. Director Dona More says seniors at the Macon Senior Citizens Center thrive on the physical activity and companionship Dona Moore /Director of the senior center: Recreation is an important part of every person' life. When you are a senior citizen, it is the same as when you are young. You like to get out, meet new friends, socialize, try new things, so it is very important to get out as seniors when we don't have to work anymore, don't have responsibilities and to enjoy life. “Research has shown that during your fifties and sixties and even your seventies and eighties. A combination of aerobic, cardiovascular and balance exercises is essential to maintain total body well-being. “ “ Everyone is just happy to be here. They can't wait to be here, those that used to come two days a week are coming every day. It is a time to bring a little bit of excitement to everybody's life. “ Other seniors are getting the message about staying active. Gwendolyn Strong: “We do exercise; it is something to do, instead of sitting at home doing nothing. It is best for the seniors to come out and join us “ Linnie Ross: “Oh Lord, I've got lots out of it. Everything, exercising, learn how to sew, took pictures and things and learn how to mingle with the other seniors, and talk with them and help them if they can't help themselves, we help them. “ After working with seniors for more than twenty two years, Brenda Simmons agrees: Brenda Simmons: “ It is important to get them out the house and keep them moving, we find that when seniors don’t move, they get stiff. They need to exercise and keep their joints going.”

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