Inside the Pure Barre Craze

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Updated: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 06:00:47 EST

It’s not your typical workout routine.

Pure Barre Client Catelyn Armstrong says, "This was the hardest workout I've ever done and I felt great afterwards all my muscles were feeling really good."

Catelyn is not the only one feeling good after trying out the fairly new workout trend, barre fitness. She is one of thousands of American women joining in the barre craze.

Pure Barre Macon owner Whitney Berry says, "It is a big trend. Pure Barre actually got started more in the west coast and we are starting to see more in the east coast. It’s very popular just because it is a full body workout  and targets a lot of the zones that men and women have problems with."

It’s not a dance class, so don’t let the ballet barre scare you away. Instructors say the barre gives you something to hold on to while pulling and stretching your muscles in ways you may not have ever thought of.

Berry says, "Absolutely no skill is required. If you can hold on to the bar you can do pure barre. No dance experience is required and we welcome everyone."

Barre classes promise to provide all over strengthening and toning without stressing any part of your body.

Berry says," We do all small isometric movements so there is no negative effect to your joints and it is a full body workout head to toe."

After taking a one on one class myself, I noticed that those small and focused movements will have you feeling the burn!

And although getting through each set may seem like an eternity, the upbeat music helps to keep you going.

Berry says, "The music really helps to keep your heart rate up and really to continuously keep you motivated throughout."

So what do you wear to a pure workout class?  Well, just regular workout clothes. A shirt that covers your stomach long pants or pants that at least cover your knees will help keep your muscles warm. And don’t worry about sneakers all you need to wear are socks.

 If you stick with it along with watching what you eat, experts say you will see a difference in just a short period.

Berry says, “In less than ten classes a client should be able to see great and positive results.”

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