Is Grass-Fed Meat Better For You

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Updated: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 11:20:49 EST

Joseph Egloff from Rocking Chair Ranch raises his cattle the natural way.

He feeds them grass and gives them natural supplements.

Egloff says, “It’s a much leaner product and not having the added antibiotics hormones and steroids, it’s a much healthier product for you."

Many studies show that naturally fed animals are better for your health.

The main difference with cows that are naturally grown is they only eat grass other cows are grain fed.

Egloff says “The thing about a grass-fed cow is your omega 3's, which is your heart healthy fats. Where a grain fed or feed-lot cattle have a higher omega 6 which is un- heart healthy fat which is giving beef kind of a bad name."

But Egloff says there are more benefits to organic meat.

He says it's fresher, it's not processed, and it reduces your calorie intake.

Egloff says, "You as a consumer you are buying directly from the source it has not been traded from one processor to another processor."

It's just one of the many reasons, Egloff says, organic maybe healthier for you. 

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