Jay's Hope Kids Treated to Dinner and a Show in Houston County

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Updated: Sat, 07 Sep 2013 09:58:47 EST

Jay's Hope families in Houston County were treated to dinner and a show Friday night, courtesy of Northside High School's cheerleading team.

"They're just like any other kids they're just a little bit more special," said Ashley Perez who attended the private tailgate party with her 11-year-old son Jose.

Perez and her son were one of several families who were treated to the tailgate party and pre-game introduction at McConnel Talbert Stadium before Northside took the field against Veterans High School.

"It's great because like I said it gives my son a chance to be normal, a part from going to the hospital and getting his chemo treatments and radiation, it gives him a chance to fit in and do what other kids his age do," Perez said.

Northside Senior Emily Kinsual can relate to both sides of the event. She is a Northside cheerleader, and her sister 9-year-old Sarah has bone cancer.

"It's really hard sometimes hearing them talk about kids with cancer, because it's a really tough subject for me, but it's nice that they're doing stuff for other people too," Kinsaul said.

Kinsaul says her sister gives her teammates extra inspiration to do something nice.

"My sister, she's been really close to all of us, and so they just love helping people," Kinsaul said.

While being treated to a game is great for perez and her family, she says the meaning of the gift means much much more.

"He's not really a big football fan, but knowing that this will be his future high school he wants to come and get started early, because he does want to come to socialize with other kids, he wants to be more than anything a normal child," Perez said.

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