Jones and Baldwin Counties Deal with the Effects of the Storm

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 10:58:33 EST

Powers out, roads are blocked, and tree limbs are dropping on homes like Grace Albrycht's. "When they would fall off and wake us up, it was so scary."

Jones and Baldwin County residents are coping with the winter storm's severe effects.

For many now, it's about staying warm since the power went out.

"Luckily we have gas heat and with the oven and this propane heater we've done fine."

"We have a generator and a small electric heater hooked up in the back of the house."

Others aren't as lucky.

Some like Meilissa Register and her husband take a drive to stay warm and keep themselves occupied while waiting for electricity to return: "Nothing to do. Dark and cold. Just you can't cook, you can't do anything."

They stumbled upon a live power line down on Old Garrison road after a tree fell. This shut off electricity to many homes, street lights and businesses nearby; many employers deciding to shut down for the day.

And down the road on highway 49, road blocks remained up Thursday morning, many tree limbs and debris still on the road making it difficult for Torrence Drakeford to get to his job in Milledgeville: "Thrown for a loop here, you know I'm thinking well I got to figure another way to get to work."

One man who saw a tree in the middle of Kitchens Road in Baldwin County cut it with a chainsaw.

Inside Albryght's home, she and her family find various activities to do. One is keeping an eye on the fridge. Frozen foods thawing drip on the floor, but Albryght and her family say they're really upset about the TV being off: "Too quiet. My granddaughter she's about to go nuts she said she'd rather be in school today."

For now, Albryght and others are waiting it out and trying to stay warm until the power is restored.

Cristen Drummond, WGXA

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