Jones County Residents Celebrate Alcohol Sales On Sundays

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Updated: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 10:13:02 EST

"Sure feels good, get some beer in Gray today, on a Sunday, its been a long time coming," says Travis Black. He is the first man ever to buy a beer from this local convenient store in Gray on a Sunday.

As of December 1st, alcohol can be sold from 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM in retail stores and 12:30 PM until midnight in restaurants. Voters gave the green light for liquor sales to be sold on Sundays back on the November 5th ballot in Jones and Gray county. Wayne Denobrega manages one of the local cornerstores in Gray. He expects beer sales on sunday to increase his revenue, "Especially football games is on Sundays so it's a lot more beer sales you'll probably get."

Local restaurants like Pickle Barrel are also looking to cash in under the new law. But Assistant Manager Bret Woods was confused until we told him when the law went into effect. "We were under the impression that it might not start until January 1st. It keeps the money in Jones County and so that helps our businesses around here and it helps with our growth."

Residents in Jones say they used to travel to Baldwin and Bibb county to get their brew on Sundays. Now, people like Travis Black, just have to walk to the nearest store. "Had to go across the line to get it but now i can just step out the door and get it, come on back to the house and enjoy."

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