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Updated: Thu, 30 May 2013 09:08:49 EST

Inspired by Judge Greg Mathis’ own gang-to-gavel story, “Judge Mathis” is a nationally syndicated, reality-based court show presided over by former Detroit-area District Court Judge Greg Mathis. Mathis’ decisions are legal and binding. The hallmark of “Judge Mathis” is the judge himself, as he combines a refreshing mix of social commentary, humor and humanity. His use of the bench to provide resolution and counseling to litigants before him during each hour-long episode has catapulted Judge Mathis to the forefront of a national dialogue about real issues facing contemporary society. His long-term personal involvement exemplifies his dedication to uplifting those who step into his courtroom as well as those who tune in to the show. Always a judge but never judgmental, Judge Mathis seeks to find a positive solution for the most dire situations.

Season after season, “Judge Mathis” continues to be an enduring success sweep by sweep with unmatched performance. In its 14th season, “Judge Mathis” still proves to be appointment-worthy television, delivering among the strongest lead-in gains in the court genre with key Women 25-54. In the ever-expanding genre, “Judge Mathis” also continues to be the youngest-skewing court show on air, with one of the highest concentration of Women 18-49 viewers.

“Judge Mathis” is produced by AND Syndicated Productions and Telepictures Productions, an industry-leading and Emmy® Award-winning producer of syndicated programming, and distributed by Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. In each hour-long episode, Judge Mathis lays down the law, presiding over four real, hard-hitting cases.

This season, the judge continues with his highly popular “Ask Judge Mathis” segment, in which viewers can get their own legal questions answered.

Judge Greg Mathis is a unique role model and personality, which makes him stand out from other court show judges. As a young man, Mathis was involved with gangs, dropped out of school, spent time in jail and then, as a promise to his dying mother, turned his life around. He attended college, earned a law degree, became the youngest judge in Michigan’s history, and served as a Superior Court Judge for Michigan’s 36th district. Known for running his courtroom with an earnest style and streetwise sensibility, Mathis often uses himself as an example to those who appear before him. His trademark sense of humor, personal commitment to social and equal justice, and degree of humanity and forthrightness distinguish him from the rest of the genre. The fact that the show has been on the air for over 13 years is a testament to the distinctive identity “Judge Mathis” brings to the field.

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