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Updated: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 08:39:04 EST

Catherine Aplin was in her teens when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is a survivor and since has gotten married and had a baby girl.  Aplin's fighting spirit has brought her national attention.  She recalls the day she heard the devastating news.  “Pure shock and disbelief that this could actually happen to somebody my age," explains Aplin.

Lee Jeans has chosen Aplin as one of their Lee National Denim Day Ambassadors.  She will be highlighted in national commercials and her inspiring story will be shared with thousands of people.  "I always felt like my story wasn't done being told,” Aplin says.  “I hope my story is going to help somebody else."

Aplin was a sophomore in college, just 19-years-old, when she discovered a lump in her left breast.  After seeking medical attention, she was told her body was just going through normal changes.  Two years later, while a senior at Mercer University, her swelling and pain increased.  Aplin went through a series of tests.  Doctors diagnosed her with stage 3 breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy with reconstruction and was treated with chemotherapy.

Six years since her diagnosis, Aplin is cancer free.  Through a high school friend, who knew her unique story, Aplin's determination and will to survive has her chosen by Lee Jeans to be an ambassador.  She along with two other breast cancer survivors will lead Lee's campaign and help raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society and the fight against breast cancer. 

"Breast cancer does not have an age,” Aplin explains.  “If you are diagnosed at a young age, it's not a death sentence.  You can survive this," continues Aplin.

Aplin wants her story of survival to help others who may be battling health issues, especially young girls.  "My age, a young cancer survivor, I hope I'm the voice for her."

Aplin and the other breast cancer survivors will join together on October 3, 2014, to rally millions of people nationwide to wear jeans and donate $5 for the American Cancer Society and their breast cancer programs.  For more information on this campaign go to DenimDay.com.

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