Living to 100: Part 2

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:24:11 EST

The sound of wedding bells and marrying our soul mate is something many dream of, but according to, research says marriage could add some extra years to lifespans.

"People who are married actually tend to live longer than those who never been married are divorced or separated." -- Amy Borchardt, Mercer University Health Psychologist

Psychologist Amy Borchardt from Mercer University says one of the top reasons why marraige boosts life span is social support.

"In a relationship with someone who provides you with lots of support that decreases your stress and stress is related to health."

Borchardt also says that a spouse effectively helps their partner take better care of themselves.

Other experts say that besides the social support, the advantages of marriage such as tax and health plan benefits also plays a role in a living a healthier, and longer life.

"and also economic reasons, people who are married have two incomes when you become divorced you lose that income in addition to that support."

If you are divorced or single, chances are you will die earlier than a married counterpart.

"People who are divorced have a 16 to 30 percent increase in their chance of mortality compared to people who are married."

But according to marriage researchers you have to be in a healthy happy relationship in order for it to really affect your lifespan.

"If the quality of the marriage is better compared to being worst they are going to live longer so if they are in a negative marriage they have an increase chance of dying compared to people who are happily married."

Johanna Torres,WGXA

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