Living to 100: Part 3

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:24:23 EST

"I feel good. I dont wake up in the morning hurting or aching and that is important."

70 year old BJ Dumas is a living testament that working out in your golden years really does give your health a boost and keeps you out the medicine cabinet.

"Visits to the doctors office and the pharmacist to say what drugs im taking and thats my only conversation i dont like that part so it keeps me feeling good."

Dumas is like many Central Georgia seniors that are staying active by taking this Silver Sneakers class. Its purpose: sustaining your muscles and joints and helping to prevent major health risks.

"Our bodies are like machines. So to keep it moving we have to keep moving. We know that exercise as we get older it just helps to improve maybe any health conditions that you have." -- Sandra Stone, Silver Sneakers Director

Experts say its also beneficial for your mental health

"It helps to fight any depression or just the feeling blue." -- Sandra Stone, Silver Sneakers Director

And all these Silver Sneakers attendees are not the only ones saying its helping them stay healthy and live longer, but different research studies have proven these results.

"Its been scientifically proven that staying active helps you to live longer thats one of the factors that we can help is eat better and exercise." -- Sandra Stone, Silver Sneakers Director

And the best way to keep you motivated to go to the gym everyday is to make sure its a routine you love to do.

"Sometimes we know we think oh no we have to exercise but if its fun then you want to do it." -- Sandra Stone, Silver Sneakers Director

Johanna Torres, WGXA

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