Local Diver Held in Honduras

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By WGXA Staff


Updated: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 10:45:33 EST

This is Kelly Garrett of Lamar County Georgia. An expert diver, he's also known as somewhat of a treasure hunter, but now he's behind bars ... in Honduras.

Garrett was one of six men working on a project to aid Honduran lobster divers. On May 5, Honduran police and Navy personnel raided their newly arrived 65-foot vessel and found six firearms. The crew maintains the guns are for self-defense against pirates. The police have charged the crew with trafficking weapons. They are currently being held at a prison in Puerto Lempira.

"All they had was six guns and you don't take a ship with six employees and all the fuel it takes to run everything to run over there and try to sell six guns that were registered legally in the United States." -Shaun Garrett/Kelly's Brother

Kelly Garrett has been in contact with his mother as recently as last week and says that he's relatively healthy though he's not being especially well fed.

"Well they're not eating very good but he's healthy I guess. I think they said two spoons of beans a day...which ain't much." -Shaun Garrett/Kelly's Brother

The crew members families have been trying everything they can to get the men released but so far they have received little cooperation from the Honduran government.

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