Macon Beer Company teaches Beer to Lazy Dog Growler Customer

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Updated: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 10:59:49 EST

Monday afternoon, customers stand in line and wait patiently at the Lazy Dog Growler in Warner Robins. It was the grand opening weekend and as a perk, they want to educate their customers how beer goes from its ingredients to several beers served at the Lazy Dog Growler. The owners of the new growler invited local brewer Cory Smith, of Macon Beer Company to give the growler lovers the 411. "There isn't a whole lot of magic to work than getting it to a certain temperature and keeping it there," said Smith. He explains how the process begins with different flavored grains and they're heated up to 152 degrees for an hour. "That pulls all of the sugar out of those grains. That sugar water comes out looking like this. What the hopes are for are to offset some of that sweetness," he further explains. Customers at Lazy Dog said the lessons add to the growler experience. "It certainly makes it more interesting knowing what goes into a beer knowing what creates the different flavors that you taste in different beer. It definitely adds to the experience," said Lee Greenway as he learns more about brewing. "It provides a more human aspect to it than just a manufactured box with mass produced bottles," adds Chris Basset another customer at the Lazy Dog. Macon Beer Company owner and home brewer, Cory Smith said, home brewing is a process. "The alcohol doesn't come until later when we throw the yeast in there. The yeast takes the sugars in this and converts them into CO2 and alcohol," said Smith. In the end the question is: did the customers retain the info- from “Beer Brewing 101”? According to Lee Greenway, they did. "The sugar is extracted from the grain and the sugar is what the yeast will eat to release the alcohol and the carbon dioxide," said Greenway.

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